When it comes to building your dream home, an architect can be an invaluable part of the design process

Through the strategic composition of colour, shape and texture, an architect can craft a home with a breathtaking combination of form and function that complements your lifestyle.

Once the design is complete, it's vital you can find the right builder, one that can faithfully translate your architect's vision into a tangible product.


The Builder That Award Winning Architects Choose

When it comes to constructing an architecturally designed home, it is important your builder has the experience and technical skill to translate your architect's design into a functional product.

Ever since he started his construction career in Germany over 25 years ago, Lars Ficher has dedicated himself to staying true to the artistic vision of a house's original design. This dedication stems from both a desire to achieve perfection and a firm respect forthe architect's vision.

Over the course of his career, Lars Fischer has specialised in arhcitecturally designed homes, Typical Projects range between $1 and $3 Million, and a number of these homes have gone on to win architectural design awards.

In addition, members of Lars' team have won both State and Regional awards for their construction skills.

Providing Advice and Alternatives

While an architect's designs are pivotal to the construction of a home, they often have limited technical building expertise. It is often left to the builder's discretion to determine the viability of a design element. We've found that there are many instances where we can offer solutions that improve the structural integrity while reducing the cost of your project.

In doing this, our aim is to provide you with the highest quality build without sacrificing the architectural intent.

When you build with Lars Fischer Construction, you also recieve the benefit of our extensive experience and building expertise. This experience can be useful at the design stage as it enables us to assess the viability of a design before you have spent money trying to make it work.

If you're looking to build, choose the builder award winning architects trust.

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